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First-Class education in Facilities Management, Workplace Productivity, Property Management.


We offer an end to end service with complete visibility to meet the client’s specific needs. Our recruitment team is made up of …

Energy Management

We assist organisations to achieve their profitability targets through energy management interventions to attain excellent benefits…

Asset Management

We deploy the latest technologies like bar-coding and radio frequency identification tagging to catalogue movable and fixed physical assets …

Facility Advisory

We give expert advice on Operational Readiness and Building Commissioning, Expenses and Overhead Cost Reduction, Outsourcing of Services, etc

Facility Quality Audits

We measure statutory compliance, workplace productivity, prevent costly accidents, system failures, security lapses, and sudden fire…

Document Digitization

We help organizations go paperless by converting paper documents into a digital management system for reference, retrieval and

Facility Management Technology

We deploy instant CMMS or e-Facility, BMS, Fire safety with web and app interfaces to automate and simplify management of entire…

CEO's Welcome Message

Welcome to Max-Migold, the industry leader in Facility Management research and development.

Our website provides a window into what drives our team. We want to help you succeed by bringing you closer to solutions and opportunities to maximize your performance potential.

Facility Management, rightly implemented, will take basic shelter to new heights of safety, comfort and functionality and will positively affect the quality of life in the places we live, work, learn, worship and play.

Max-Migold is committed to optimizing your facilities through training, technology, advisory and innovation. We measure impact in terms of improved lives and livelihoods, efficiently-run organizations, and sustainable systems that can be handed down to future generations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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